Our Insurance lines

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Designed for people or companies; in order to insure your personal vehicles or your work fleet ...

Labor Risk Insurance

Labor Risk Insurance

This insurance aims to protect workers in the event of an accident ...

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance

Protect your assets through Fire Insurance that covers losses caused by tremors, earthquakes, fire, or others ...

Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance

This insurance exists because in our daily activities we could cause damages to third parties or their property ...

Life and Medical Expenses Insurance

Life and Medical Expense Insurance

Protect your health, that of your family or the Human Resource of your company with different medical coverage; or ensure the welfare of yours through life insurance ...

Student, Traveler an others Insurance

Student and Traveler Insurance

Enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that comes with having insurance that protects you in case of unforeseen situations; Either if you are a student or have relatives who are, take advantage of the benefits of a student policy ...

Our Brokers

Alexis Alvarado Q.

Presidente Af Corredora de Seguros
SUGESE License N. 12-1090
Phone: +506 8703-7007
+506 2240 1310

Arley Alvarado Quirós

Insurance Broker
San Ramón de Alajuela
SUGESE License N. 12-1091
Phone: 8823-8351

Bernardo Richmond Obando

Insurance Broker
San José
SUGESE License
Tel: 6009-2000 / 2240-1310

Christian Mora Steller

Insurance Broker
La Fortuna, San Carlos
SUGESE License N.14-1289
Tel: 8380-1767 / 2479-7575

Eliécer Campos Vargas

Insurance Broker
San Carlos, Alajuela
SUGESE License N. 14-1288
Tel: 8910-1987 / 2460-2928

Giovanni Torrez Mendoza

Insurance Broker
SUGESE License N. 12-1125
Phone: +506 6612-9627

Laura Fuentes Nájera

Gerente General
San José
SUGESE License N. 12-1092
Phone: +506 8703-7008
+506 2240-1310

Noelia Segnini Matarrita

Insurance Broker
Abangares, Guanacaste.
SUGESE License N. 17-1504
Phone: +506 8301-4098

Sara Melissa Núñez Nájera

Insurance Broker
San José
SUGESE License N. 16-1416
Phone: +506 2240 1310

Advantages of an Insurance Broker

1. Independence: Since we don´t depend on any insurance company; we defend the interests of our clients.

2. Objectivity We present offers from at least three Insurers. We´ll both decide together, what the best option is.

3. Service We independently manage your claims with the Insurers.

We work for you as an independent expert.


Car Insurance96%
Fire Insurance87%
Civil Liability Insurance79%

Our Strengths

Years of Experience
Satisfied Clients

Más de 35 años de experiencia a su servicio

We are here to help you get the insurance you want


Asesoramos más de 5000 clientes con seguros adecuados a sus necesidades.


We have a team of professionals to advise you in the best way

Our availability

Mediante nuestro sitio web, nuestros clientes podrán hacer sus solicitudes de seguros e informarse 24/7.

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