Frequent Questions


In this section we present some of the most frequent queries we receive. Remember that you are our priority and you can write or call us and we will gladly advise you.

What does a medical expense policy cover?
The insurance of medical expenses by means of the payment of the corresponding premium, covers the hospital expenses, medical attention, surgical interventions, foods, medicines, clinical analyzes, x-rays, others, of the insured persons.

What should I submit in case of a claim for medical expenses?
a- The “Benefits Request” Form duly filled out.
b- Original invoices (photocopies are not considered valid documentation).
c- Medical prescriptions.
d-Test results.

What could happen if I did not include all my employees on the payroll of a certain month, as my Labor Risk Policy require?
The INS (Insurance Company) would use the last payroll presented by your Company in order to calculate the insurance premium. It`s important to clarify that the accidents of workers who were not reported in that month will not be covered by the policy.

What should I do if a vehicle accident happend?
-Report it to the insurer and call the Traffic Inspector at 911.
-Inform us to give the case proper follow-up?

Who sells health insurance in the country?
This product is offered in collective and individual mode, we would negotiate for you comparing the options that best suit your needs and that are offered by the Insurers that are registered in the country.

What support do I have as a consumer, to negotiate with a foreign insurance company?
The essential thing is to verify if the entity is authorized in Costa Rica by the General Superintendence of Insurance (SUGESE) and if, in addition, it is in its country of origin. The supervisory regime has instances to raise your queries and complaints in case of disagreement with the insurer. It is important to be clear, though, that SUGESE supervision does not mean co-administration and, consequently, the insurer will be solely responsible for its actions.

At the request of the Superintendence of Insurance (SUGESE), through the Superintendent´s agreement number , SGS-DES-A-031-2014 whose objective is to achieve informative clarity and transparency in the scope of the insurance market. The "Consumer Rights Charter" was made available to all our customers  Download it here (available only in spanish)